Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mere blog ki toh ban(ne)d baj gayee...

As many of you already know, my blog has been banned in China and I have not been able to post on it since more than a week now.

As of now, in true Indian style I am trying to do some 'setting' and looking for alternate solutions to it. But, till I find that permanent solution, I will be posting in proxy (i.e. I will have a friend of mine post for me).

So all my dear followers, please bear with me if I take a while to publish comments, reply or put up new posts. Also pardon any grammatical errors that may mistakenly get published on my blog. I will try and keep it as error-free as possible, but if the process of formatting introduces any errors, I apologise for it.

However, that is not to say that those errors must be ignored. If any of you see a problem, please bring it to my notice and I will try to rectify it as soon as I can. Thank you in anticipation.

For now, I don't know when my blog will be unblocked. I don't even know if it ever will. But, please be patient with me. I will try and put up at least one new post every week, but if I do not, it's probably something to do with the proxy me :)

Mere blog ki toh ban(ne)d baj gayee hai...par mein band ab tak baja rahi hoon...So fikar not and keep reading :)

Thanks for all your support and sorry for any inconvenience this whole exercise may cause.

The Yellow Indian :)


  1. Nice blog, hope you get back to posting soon. As a British expat living in India it's nice to read an Indian expat's views from China.

  2. Hi Chailey! Thanks for your comment...Enjoy your stay in India! Keep reading!

  3. Hey, I like your posts.

    BY the way, you must have known by now that this blog has got mentioned in the daily Hindustan Times in its editorial page.



  4. Why has your blog been banned in China. i didnt find anything offensive about China in any of your posts.